Art Of Middle Eastern Dance, By Shira. A web site to educate, entertain, and inspire belly dancers!

Middle Eastern Dance - Resource Guide A general international resource guide

Yasmina's Joy of Belly Dancing This page was created to inform, educate and be a source of this wonderful dance form we love.

The Guild of Oriental Dance is an organization of professional and avocational Middle Eastern Dancers.

Jawaahir Dance Company & Cassandra School

Jasmin Jahal

Delilah - Visionary Dance Productions

Artemis Mourat

Princess Farhana

Jim Boz

Dragonwing Dance - Sherazade's personal dance website.

Linux Journal - Belly Dance and Free Software

Dance Names
Names For Dancers and Other Graceful Souls

Feminine Arabic Names

Masculine Arabic Names


Joy of bellydancing costuming links

Ask The Costume Goddess: Harem Pants

Q & A: Patterns for Male Costumes

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Pink Gypsy and Crafty Lady Boutique

Dahlal International

Sara Cura - Henna

Doumbek Rythms
Mas'uds Rhythm Guide

The Doumbek Page

Kamuran's Guide for Doumbek Players

Felahi - Live Music for Live Dancers - I have danced with them many times!

Turku - one of Sherazad's favorite bands!

Vintage Bellydance Music

Arabic Music

Middle Eastern Percussion Instruments

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