Sun Moon Belly Dancers

Sun/Moon Belly Dancers

The Sun/Moon Bellydancers have been performing throughout the Mankato area since two thousand and one. As troop members we share a love of dance and a desire to perform and teach. Bellydance is something people of any size, shape, or age can learn and this makes it unique. Our style of bellydance is Fusion. Fusion mixes many styles of bellydance, costuming and music. It also has elements taken from other forms of dance such as Persian, Jazz and Ballet. Come and join us in celebrating the dance at our performances or classes. Check out our Events Page and Class Page our for more information about our upcoming performances.

We have performed at Surprise Parties, Birthdays, Graduations, Festivals, Fairs, Openings, to name a few. Next time you have a party or a club meeting and you want to try something new call us and have us come and teach your group to dance.

We are located in Mankato, Minnesota and perform and teach in the surrounding area.

We are members of the Guild of Oriental Dance. We can be seen with them at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival during the Mid East Mirage and at the yearly guild show.

History: The Sun/Moon Bellydancers founder Bridget Donnelly is pictured above in purple. She had been dancing with the Raks Sharki troop for many years and when she moved here to attend school she started teaching at the Sun/Moon Yoga Studios in Mankato in 2000. She was always encouraging and she gave us the idea and opportunity to start performing together as the Sun/Moon Bellydancers. We decided to take our name from the Sun/Moon Yoga Studios since this is where our troop began. Sadly at this time no members of our troop teach at this studio. The first time we performed under this name was on January 27, 2001 at New Ulm Art Festival as guests of the Bridget's parent troop Raks Sharki. Bridget has since moved on, but her legacy lives on in her student, Patrice also known by her dance name Sherazade (pictured above in the blue and grey). Patrice has taught in Mankato and in the surrounding areas. The picture above is one of our first group pictures taken at the LEEP celebration on November 10, 2001. Two of our original troop members are missing from this picture. We have had many troop members come and go since this time.

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